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Your Dealer Inspire site allows you to maintain a staff page with a listing of all your staff members. To edit your staff members click on “Staff” in the WordPress Dashboard. To add a new staff member, click “Add New”.


First and Last Name are required, but we also strongly suggest that you list the employee’s Title and assign them a Department. Employees will be grouped on the staff page by Department, this results in a page which is organized and easy to navigate. Phone, Email, and Biography are optional. Click “Publish” on the right to save the new staff member. If you do not see a department listed in the department dropdown choices, or if you would like the order of your departments changed from the order you see, please submit a support request by clicking “Help” > “Submit Support Request” and our team will add/edit the department for you.


To add a staff photo, scroll down to “Photo” and then click “Add Image.” Here you can add a photo either from the media library or from your computer files. Best practice size for staff photos is no smaller than 356 x 356 px for a clear photo. To see the size of your photo, click “Media” on the left, click on the photo,
and in the “Attachment Details” you will see the size on the right.  BE SURE TO ADD ALT TEXT to your photo; this aids in ADA Compliance (Adults with Disabilities Act) and allows screen readers to identify the nature of the photo, as well as assisting in SEO efforts.  Alt text can be found on the right side of the screen in the media area when a photo has been clicked on.

Edit Staff Member

To edit an existing staff member, hover over the employee’s name and click “Edit.” Be sure to click “Update” to save your changes.

Re-Order Staff Members

Once all of your staff members have been added, you can click on the “Re-order” tab under “Staff”. In this area, you can drag and drop employees into the order you would like within their department. Be sure to click “Update” to save your changes.

Remove Employees

To remove an employee hover over their name and then click the red “Trash” link.