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Create Your Offer

Under the Special Offers section, click “Add Offer.” You may also click the “Add Offer” button at the top of the “All Offers” page.


In the Special Offer screen you will need to add the following to create your Offer:

  1. Vehicle Special Offer Title – This is only for your reference. Title it something that makes sense for however you choose to manage your Offers.
  2. Offer Title – This is the Offer Title that will be displayed on the actual offer on the front end of the site and what is seen by the customer. Make this as general or specific as you prefer.
  3. Offer Applies To – For the types of offers we are creating, please choose “General.”
  4. Vehicle Type* – Please specify if this is for New, Used, or Certified Pre-Owned.
  5. Vehicle Info* -Here, you will enter the information for which vehicles your offer applies to. Please note: Vehicle Type, Year, Make and Model are required for the form to submit successfully. (However, if your offer is not inventory-related, the information can be omitted.)
  6. Vehicle Image* – Click “Add Image” to add an image from your Media Library or upload a new image. Images should be landscape-sized images. Approximate size is 400px X 300px.
  7. Expiration Date – If your offer has an expiration date, populate it here and the offer will automatically be placed into “Draft” mode when that date elapses so that you do not need to manually remove it once it is expired.
  8. Offer Type – This area will list the Offer Types you created previously. Choose the type that matches the offer you are creating.

* these items are only visible while you are on the “Vehicle Info” tab.


In the “Offer” tab of the Special Offer screen you will need to add the following:

  1. Primary Offer Link – This is where you would place the link to your vehicle. This can be to a VRP page (if it’s for a specific model) or to a VDP page (if it’s for a specific stock number).
  2. Primary Offer Label – By default this will say “View Inventory.” If you want to continue using that default text, leave that field blank. You also have the option to change what the button says by adding text to this field. For example, if your Offer is for Honda Accords, you might want to have your button say “View Accord Inventory.” To the right of this section you also have the option to open the link in a new window if you wish.
  3. Secondary Offer Link – By default this will open the “Schedule a Test Drive” form in a lightbox on the page. If you want to continuing using that form – leave this field blank. If you would like to link to something else – for example a Vehicle Model Page or the Credit Application, place the link in the field.
  4. Secondary Offer Label – By default this will say “Schedule a Test Drive” to match the default form. If you decide to use a different link – make sure to add the text in this field to match your link. To the right of this section you also have the option to open the link in a new window if you wish.
  5. Add a Line – Click this to add in your offer line items. You can have multiple Offer Rate rows if your offer has more than one incentive, just click “Add a Line” to add more.
  6. Offer – This is where you will add your offer details. Fill in the field, ex. 1.9% or $349. Anything in this column will be bolded.
  7. Label – Please your offer label here, ex. per month for 36 months. Anything in this column will display in normal text.
  8. Offer Description – Describe your offer for the customer.
  9. Offer Disclaimer – Include any required disclaimer information for the customer.

After you have completed all parts of Step 2 – click the blue “Publish/Update” button to the far right of the Offer Title area to save the offer to have it display on the site.

Additional Options


If you would like your offers to display in a particular order on the page, click “Re-Order” under the Special Offers menu. You can then click and drag on the line items to place them in the order you wish. After you have them in the order you prefer, click the blue “Update” button to save. Your Offers will now display in this order on your Offers page.